Precitec Group - The market's choice.

Precitec has gained an international reputation for being an expert in providing complex system solutions for laser material processing and for optical measuring technology. Cutting heads for CO2- and Nd:YAG applications with long life, non-contact distance sensors that have proved to be reliable in many thousands of applications ensure that optimum cutting qualities are achieved. Additional integral sensors increase process safety and reduce processing time to a minimum. Electronic units used for sensor signal processing, linear drive and process control round off our product range.

In the area of laser welding technology Precitec offers a comprehensive range of processing heads with integral sensor systems for non-contact seam tracking and online process control. In addition, Precitec manufactures process sensors for industrial adhesive technology.

The Precitec Optronic GmbH has been working successfully with the Precitec Group in the optical measurement technology sector for almost 20 years now. The product spectrum ranges from systems for range finding and thickness gauges for multi-layered samples to medical equipment.

Precitec Group - Worldwide accessible. Precitec Group has a worldwide distribution network which guarantees that our customers receive reliable support while ensuring short replacement part lead times. In Europe, Asia and Australia trained representatives are available to deal with customers queries. Wholly-owned subsidiaries were founded in the United States in 1996, in Japan in 1998, in France in 1999 and in China in 2005. Since 2007, Precitec is represented by a subsidiary in Korea.

Thanks to continuous research and development, Precitec has continued to lead the way in core competence technology for more than 20 years - and has succeeded in maintaining this position - and policy - on a global scale.

Milestones of Precitec Group

1971 Formation of the Precitec company in Baden-Baden, Germany
1993 Optical range finding device for highly-reflecting surfaces.
1997 Optical submicrometer - topographical, layer/film thickness and roughness measurement sensors
1999 LPF Seam Tracking System launched
2000 Jurca Optoelektronik, trading as Precitec Optronik, incorporated into the Precitec Group
2002 Delivery of 200th system for laser welding process monitoring
2002 Delivery of the 150th submicrometer sensor
2003 Inauguration of new company building in Gaggenau, Germany
2003 CHRocodile white light sensors with multi-kHz technology
2007 Delivery of 400th system for laser welding process monitoring
2007 Soutec Soudronic 'Vision' incorporated into the Precitec Group
2007 Precitec was granted its 200th patent
2007 SGM Seam Geometry Monitoring System launched
2008 Delivery of 25,000th laser cutting head with distance control

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